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Case Study Incentive 3

Case Study Incentive 32017-02-02T09:46:49+00:00

Project Description

Consumer – dietary supplements
7 days
Incentive and 20th company anniversary
Day 1: Welcome Party 600 persons in beach club
Day 3: Trip to Formentera 400 persons
Day 5: Sailing event for the entire group
Day 6: Farewell dinner and company anniversary on the beach
Day 1-6: Events in the event (event for Swedish public holiday for 200 persons)
Flower Power Sailing event

  • 5 sailing ships and 1 sailing catamaran from various regions in Spain.
  • On board each ship: Flower Power decorations, DJ and Equipment, High Level Catering


Anniversary: White Party in Beach Club

  • Paella Show Cooking
  • Flamenco Live Band, DJ, Shows and Entertainment, Light shows and Projections
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